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Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School

NovelReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At SchoolReincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School
Chapter 1851 – Find Fault with Gu Ning object grotesque
“What will it be?” Yuan Shuyan and Ge Qingqing questioned.
Hu Zijian was displeased.
“Are you confident that college student just transferred?” asked Hu Zijian.
Right as Rong Zechen viewed Gu Ning, Yuan Shuyan and a couple girls went around from behind him. Both girls were those who have been with Yuan Shuyan the other day plus they possessed noticed Gu Ning after.
Chapter 1851: Obtain Problem with Gu Ning
“What? Gu Ning?”
“Rong Zechen is looking at Gu Ning,” explained Yuan Shuyan inside a deep voice filled with wonderful dissatisfaction.
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At this time, Rong Zechen kept on wandering ahead. It wasn’t ideal for him to remain here for too long of course.
Hu Zijian wasn’t dumb. He could note that this gal was selecting on Gu Ning.
Those individuals really required a training!
Either Ge Qingqing and Qu Hanjiao have been astonished and transformed to think about the audience once more, but nevertheless couldn’t get Gu Ning.
Nevertheless, he needed to permit her to conclude considering that she stood out.
Qu Hanjiao was consumed aback. She somehow experienced the fact that instructor believed that she was finding on Gu Ning.
The individuals really needed a class!
“I’m absolutely sure,” claimed Qu Hanjiao.
Thinking of that, Qu Hanjiao pressured herself to calm down. “I-I observed her switch. She moved her right hand.”
Perfect as Rong Zechen looked at Gu Ning, Yuan Shuyan as well as two young ladies walked through from behind him. Each young ladies were individuals that had been with Yuan Shuyan the other day and so they possessed viewed Gu Ning when.
Hu Zijian was displeased.
Hu Zijian wasn’t dumb. He could identify that this gal was buying on Gu Ning.
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“Say it,” explained Hu Zijian.
As soon as Rong Zechen still left, Qu Hanjiao obtained a notion. “Shuyan, I know to cause Gu Ning trouble.”
“I can make the decision on my own,” reported Hu Zijian. It turned out apparent which he chose to defend Gu Ning.
“I can make the decision by myself,” said Hu Zijian. It was totally obvious that he or she wanted to defend Gu Ning.
Since Yuan Shuyan could see Gu Ning, there is just small range between them. Gu Ning observed her on top of that and noticed the hatred in her own sight.
Considering the fact that Yuan Shuyan could see Gu Ning, there were merely a small distance between them. Gu Ning noticed her likewise and recognized the hatred in their view.
Ge Qingqing also loved Rong Zechen, but she realized she didn’t are worthy of him, so she gave this idea up.
Seeing and hearing that, Qu Hanjiao was astonished. She didn’t expect to have that Hu Zijian would check with her many inquiries. She believed the trainer would discipline Gu Ning immediately after she noted it.
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Qu Hanjiao talked to them within a reduced voice, and Yuan Shuyan agreed after.
Nonetheless, he was required to permit her to finish because she stood out.
In their eyeballs, she believed Rong Zechen came here specially for Gu Ning. As a result, Yuan Shuyan began to gaze at Gu Ning with hatred.
“What? Gu Ning?”
Though they didn’t see the great pride in Qu Hanjiao’s eyeballs, that they had been properly trained with Gu Ning to get a full week till now. They was aware slightly about her, so that they decide to confidence her.
The moment Rong Zechen eventually left, Qu Hanjiao had a concept. “Shuyan, I have an idea to result in Gu Ning difficulty.”
She could make it happen, however it wasn’t necessary.

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